Tractor Pull Rules

  1. All pullers must have a current membership. Tractors must be 1958 or older. Field stock. (No enhanced engines.) Must have pulley/PTO to check RPM’s. Factory stock plus 10%. Random checks. Tractor must pull in low gear.
  2. Max tire size row crop/2800-5500 class 13.6, for 6500/7500 class 15.5 and max for standard tread 18.4. No radials. No altered tires. No chains. No duelies. Tractors must line up in staging area in order at start of that class. No sign ups after class starts.
  3. Pullers must reweigh after pull, before leaving track, or will be disqualified. Driver responsible for weight/draw bar. Scale man’s word is final. Max draw bar height 18″. Minimum 20″ from center of rear axle to center of hole in draw bar. Pivot hook needs to be free and clear. Wheelie bars are recommended.
  4. Driver must remain seated. No bouncing. Front of tractor cannot exceed 24″ off the ground. You’ll be flagged to stop. If you don’t, you will be disqualified and will not participate in the rest of the pull.
  5. Only operators/officials are allowed on the track. Adult must accompany drivers under 16, however they cannot assist direct driver. They are for support/safety of the driver/tractor. Exceptions for inexperienced drivers made at drivers meeting. Weight classes are 2800, 3500, 5500, 6500, 7500. The 10,000 weight class to be held on Thursday and Friday.
  6. Tractors can pull on weight class and pull once. Steel wheels exhibition at end of class. Exhibition tractor can pull one class, once per night. All weights must be secured to tractor. Front weights cannot exceed 18″. Rear wheel weight bracket can’t reach over 8″ beyond wheel weights. If a weight or object should fall from tractor any time while on the track, the tractor is disqualified.
  7. If a problem occurs, operator has the option to stop the sled before 50′ mark to make adjustment to tractor or weights. Restart from the beginning point will be allowed.
  8. First puller in each class has the option of taking their first pull or re-pull in the 3rd position. Second pull is the official recorded distance, first pull is voided.
  9. All pulling tractors are to be on display or in pull area by noon Friday of the show. Except pay hook. Awards will be given after each class.
  10. Driver/tractor required to come to track to receive awards. Tractor operators must act in a sportsman like manner. No alcoholic beverages.
  11. Any driver/tractor found to be unsafe/illegal will be disqualified/barred from pulling. Foul language from spectators, pullers or workers will not be allowed. Tractors leaving the track at no higher than 2nd gear. Track official will discuss/clarify any questions about the rules that you may have. Any problems due to an oversight will be discussed and acted upon by officials — their say is final. Ladies’ Night — driver can pull max of two tractors per class *by 2012 vote.

Questions? Contact…
Rod Reynolds @ 585-770-4695